Offsite Cloud Backup - Disaster Recovery

Our Cloud Backup platform is one of the most reliable and stable platforms providing many clients with a piece of mind guarantee that their data is safe and can be restored in case of disaster.

Up-to 68% of businesses as of 2019 are said to not have any disaster recovery plan which can bring a business to closure should they not be able to restore their data in a timely manor or at all!
Also up to 60% of manual data backups are said to not be complete and therefore in a disaster can not be restored!

Our Cloud backup provides an off-site copy of your Data or Virtual Machines which can be restored/started in the event of a disaster.
Our cloud backup solution provides a super fast reliable and custom backup plan for every client so you only backup what you need, when you need and only pay for the space you use!

Mini Backup
monthly from
Our Smallest Backup Plan
Our Smallest Backup Plan for your personal documents, photo's and important files
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Ultimate Backup
monthly from
Our Ultimate Plan ideal for large businesses
Our Ultimate Backup Plan is ideal for Businesses to backup all your important files or full servers
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